Slip On Race Line Titanium

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This system guarantees an increase in power and torque. The real plus of this performance exhaust system is the weight reduction while maintaining the original layout and functionality of the exhaust caps. The Slip-On Race system represents a link between the Slip-On and Evolution systems. It is one of our quietest complete systems. The vehicle’s weight distribution is improved considerably. The combination of the improved power-to-weight ratio, torque progression, and the positive effects on driving dynamics distinctively enhance the GT3’s performance. The sound impression in this configuration is more voluminous and, with open caps, more aggressive than in the original version. Complete the look with a set of exquisite titanium tailpipes.

When installing Akrapovič aftermarket optional down pipes with sports catalytic converters or without catalytic converters, which are developed for use on closed tracks only, remapping the ECU is mandatory. When installing Akrapovič aftermarket exhaust system that was developed for use on closed tracks, we recommend remapping the ECU in order to prevent potential »check engine light« warning signals.

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Slip-On Race Line


2006, 2007, 2008, 2009


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